Taekwondo, Azzurri collaborate with Clean Up Italia: together to clean up the environment

On 26 September the National taekwondo team, led by Team Manager Carlo Molfetta, will participate in the initiative to clean up the mouth of the Tiber: “Proud to be able to do something to safeguard the environment and the future of our planet”

Chiara Soldi


Safeguarding the environment not only in words, but in deeds. This is the mission of Clean Up Italia, an independent, informal and non-partisan network, which brings together groups and associations that have initiated concrete actions on the environmental theme. Operating throughout the national territory, their purpose is to raise awareness among citizens on the issue of waste abandonment. On September 26, a cleaning stage will be held on the banks of the Tiber mouth, an event that is part of the River Clean-Up campaign to clean up the rivers of Italy: “What ends up in rivers – underlines Gianluca Parodi, co-founder of Clean Up Italia -, then flows into the seas. Our intent is to prevent the problem from upstream “. Among the groups present to operate on the field also the Taekwondo National Team, accompanied by the Team Manager Carlo Molfetta: “I personally took this initiative to heart. When I reported it to the Fita president Angelo Cito, he was immediately enthusiastic about letting the Azzurri. Since they are all young, they are even more proud to be able to do something to safeguard the environment and the future of our Planet. Everyone in our small way can do something “.

Gianluca, how was Clean-Up Italia born?

“Initially it was all a bit more virtual, more abstract, but step by step we have increasingly gone in the right direction. Today the network has about sixty formal groups or associations present on the Italian territory with the aim of collaborating with each other. as a biodiversity of people who try to help each other. On September 26 in Ostia, for example, in addition to Ostia Clean Up and Water will save the Water, which are two groups that are part of the network, it will also participate Clean Up Santa Severa, this is because also groups from neighboring countries come to support the activities of others and it is wonderful “.

Collaboration and facts first of all.

“This is exactly what we were looking for at the beginning of our adventure. Being part of the network means helping each other by exchanging information, supporting each other in all ways, for example some do it by passing the material for operations. We have always been of the opinion that money is important, it is true, but they must be seen as a tool to move forward, not the main object of the initiatives. We prefer one more volunteer operating in the field with us than a donation: donating your time is the greatest gift, it has an inestimable value , as well as donating one’s skills. Collaboration and mutual support are the values ​​that underlie the network “.

What is the goal of September 26 on the Tiber?

“The Ostia stage falls within the River Clean-Up campaign conceived by the network to focus attention on the problem of rivers, which are often forgotten: what ends up in the rivers then flows into the sea, the goal is that to prevent the problem upstream. For this campaign we collaborate with the Alptream, the center for the study of Alpine rivers formed by the University of Eastern Piedmont, the University of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin: at the end of our intervention, and of the other futures, we will compile a report that will be used to find out if there is a possible correlation between the data relating to the quality of the rivers and the materials, the waste that we are going to recover. And this is precisely our goal, to be the missing link between “the man in the street” and scientists. Raising awareness is fundamental, people have to change the way they think, their mentality, clean-up is just the tip of the iceberg “.

How did you come to contact with the national team and their participation for this intervention?

“Thanks to Carlo Molfetta. I contacted him just over a year ago and he has shown not only to support us, but to act. He is doing an exceptional job, gold medal at the Olympics and also in the help he is giving us. . It has never been just words, but also deeds, so it will happen on the 26th: he with the Azzurri side by side with the volunteers. The participation of the National team makes me very happy, I am honored to have the endorsement of the Azzurri and it excites me to think that of great athletes can join our cause for their future and that of all. Their support and that of an important federation like Fita is of immense help in conveying our message. The network becomes strong precisely because when there is everyone’s support “.

What do you need to be able to participate?
“We will carry pliers, bags and gloves, the volunteer must arm himself only with the mask, in compliance with the anti Covid-19 measures, and the great desire to protect the environment. The invitation is open to all, young and old, to a beautiful day together in the name of the environment and sustainability “. Click here for all the info.


“Gianluca Parodi contacted me for the first time via Instagram, he told me about the network and what they were doing, they were looking for support and I was happy to give it to him”. Carlo Molfetta describes the contact with Clean Up Italia as follows: “I was only waiting for the right joint to be able to make myself useful too and here is the stage on the Tiber. When I informed the president Angelo Cito of the initiative, he immediately said he was enthusiastic, when he grew up innovator who he is, he could only be happy. So we involved the Azzurri, being then all young they are proud to be able to do something to safeguard the future of our planet. We took this initiative to heart because we believe that everyone can do something to improve the team. environment we live in. Rivers and seas already suffer from pollution and very often we are even capable of making things worse with our rudeness: the goal is to sensitize each other to a cleaner life ” .

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Taekwondo, Azzurri collaborate with Clean Up Italia: together to clean up the environment