Taekwondo, Of the crazy Eagle: it is a wonderful gold!

The blue wins the final against the Tunisian Jendoubi in the -58 kilos category. It is the first gold for Italy

From our correspondent Antonino Morici

That of Vito Dell’Aquila is a historical gold. The second for Italian taekwondo, the first for our expedition to Japan. He is a young, positive, smiling gold like the face of this 20-year-old boy, who has been fighting on the square since he was in second grade. In Makuhari, on the outskirts of Tokyo, the final against the Tunisian Mohamed Khalil Jenboudi is the highest point of a day to be framed, which began by overcoming a difficult moment and therefore even more precious.


In reality it was Jenboudi, number 12 (out of 16) on the board, who appeared in a state of grace, mowing down the Russian Artamonov and above all the Korean Jang, earning the challenge for the gold. The final was a swing of emotions. 5-2 for the Tunisian after the first two minutes, the result of a kick to the helmet and one to the trunk. Dell’Aquila did not break down, reducing the gap in the second thanks to three kicks to the trunk in rapid sequence: 9-8 Jenboudi. Last round to go crazy: stall for the first 45 seconds, before a long interruption on a double call for instant replay by the two technicians. At 10-8 for the Tunisian here is Vito’s masterpiece: eight points in just under 50 seconds and overtaking. It ends 16-12 for the blue, amidst the tears of Claudio Nolano, the technical director, the screams of Simone Alessio, competing on July 26 and the applause of Valentina Vezzali in the stands. Bronze went to the Russian Artamonov, from the repechage, and to the Korean Jun Jang, the number 1 in the world ranking eliminated in the semifinals by Jendoubi. Among the women (category -49 kg), gold to the Thai Wongpattanakit, silver to the Spanish Cerezo Iglesias, bronze to the Israeli Semberg and the Serbian Bogdanovic.

The Brindisi player is the first medalist in the history of the Summer Games born in the third millennium. With gold around his neck he spends words that deserve attention. “I am proud of what I have done, being the first here in Japan is an honor but I hope that many other medals will arrive. Italy deserves it for what it has suffered, for all the suffering experienced in the last two years. For me it is It was a heavy, boring, difficult period. For others it was much worse. ” Then, after receiving a phone call from the General Commander of the Carabinieri Teo Luzi, he disbanded. “The Maneskin and the national football team have won, now me too! Too good. But I also want to say one thing: I was lucky in the final, because I risked a lot with a kick to the face that would have made me lose, it went well for me but Jenboudi deserves a round of applause. How will I celebrate? Eating, since I always have to stay on a diet! I certainly won’t leave for Italy, I’m staying in Tokyo to sparring Simone Alessio “. Which on Monday will be competing in the -80 kg category to make us dream again.

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Taekwondo, Of the crazy Eagle: it is a wonderful gold!