Taekwondo, Vito Dell’Aquila becomes a superhero!

The blue is one of the 12 taekwondo champions chosen as ambassador by the World Taekwondo for the collaboration with Hasbro and the PJ Masks, cartoons loved by the little ones: from video tutorials to events, here is the initiative to involve children from all over the world. world

Spearhead of the national team towards Tokyo 2021, winner of the Grand Prix Final 2019 and now also a superhero. Yes, you read that right: superhero! Vito Dell’Aquila is one of the 12 best taekwondo athletes in the world chosen as ambassador for the new campaign born from the collaboration between World Taekwondo and Hasbro: a partnership that brings together Gattoboy, Gufetta and Geco, the heroes of the cartoons PJ Masks – Superpigiamini , and the great champions of the discipline to involve children from all over the world. No cloak, however, but the dobok. The superpowers? The values ​​that martial arts have always spread. And Vito Dell’Aquila chose his: “I am so proud to be one of the 12 ambassadors, among many great champions, for this incredible project. I strongly believe that taekwondo is a sport full of values: one of these is integrity. . When I was 8 I was watching Disney cartoons, I started practicing taekwondo because I was very shy and it helped me from many points of view: technical, physical, mental, but above all moral. I am grateful for this opportunity to promote my sport among children, the true future of this sport “.


The heroes of taekwondo will show the same values ​​and teamwork as the PJ Masks, helping children and families to “be active together.” The campaign, launched on December 1, 2020, aims to combine the global appeal of the series. animated with the fun and accessibility of taekwondo to encourage children to take part in this sport. The values ​​chosen are 12, as well as the champion-ambassadors: honor, discipline, hope, peace, courage, friendship, respect, trust, harmony, freedom, fairness and integrity. Every day on the Wt social channels a video has been published in which a champion explains a technique or a movement that every little athlete can recreate at home following the training shown by the champion. A series of tutorials games created to help young taekwondo and PJ Masks fans get active, have fun and master their discipline-inspired superpowers. Vito Dell’Aquila chose parades, which is very important in a comba ttimento (you can see his tutorial above).


At the launch of the partnership, World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue commented, “We are delighted to partner with Hasbro and eOne to bring together our shared values ​​and the capabilities of our world and Olympic stars. Wt is committed to connecting with young people from all over the world and persuade them to practice taekwondo and live a healthy lifestyle. Collaboration with children’s favorite cartoons is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how fun and rewarding our discipline can be. thank each of our “Heroes” for bringing smiles to the faces of the little ones and their families “. During the launch event, three-time world champion Dae-hoon Lee, one of 12 ambassadors, visited the world federation headquarters with five children who first watched the video tutorials and then tried the moves. But the initiative is really for everyone: anyone who wants to join in the fun can train safely indoors or outdoors, according to the government regulations of their country regarding the Covid-19 emergency. The next steps? An interactive website and the launch of a book with stickers during events organized in 12 selected gyms, one in relation to the reference sample, in 12 different countries: the Italian appointment will have Vito Dell’Aquila as its reference and Il “Giulio Onesti” Olympic Preparation Center for Acqua Acetosa in Rome. The 2021 meetings have not yet been set, it is expected to understand how the situation linked to the pandemic will evolve since the goal is, if it is in fact possible, to take place in presence with children aged 3 to 8.

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Taekwondo, Vito Dell’Aquila becomes a superhero!