Andie MacDowell: the rebirth of the 90s figure who wanted to be normal

Paula is retired, spending her days painting pictures, making sculptures and living with a boyfriend several years her junior in a trailer park. Although she seems to be a charming person, the truth is that she has built her own world, has constantly reinvented herself and has taken it upon herself to distance herself from … Read more

10 Best J-Horror Films From The 90s

J-horror has a wide base of Japanese mythology and urban legend to draw upon, but even when tackling more universal subjects like ghosts or serial killers, this subgenre often wears its stylistic and thematic influences on its sleeve. RELATED: Best Horror Films Based On Video Games (According To IMDb) Unsurprising for the nation that brought … Read more

The Glass Shield: a forgotten 90s drama shows the danger of broken policing | Drama films

As a Black man living in America, these past few weeks haven’t been good. The African-American community has once again had to endure images of Black men and women being terrorized and/or tragically killed by the police. There’s Daunte Wright getting gunned down during a traffic stop in Minnesota, Caron Nazario – an army lieutenant … Read more

If You Grew Up In The 90s, Then These 11 English Films Are Your All Time Favourite

If you are a 90s child, you know what we are talking about. Way before internet and cellphones took over, movies were our go-to things. These films will take you back to childhood. Current films are great on content and acting skills but back then we were discovering the coolest CGI, edits, storylines, on-screen couples, … Read more

The best years of your life: how the 1.0 trend boom is sweeping through

“Goodbye, baby,” he said goodbye Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1991. We did not realize that the phrase hid a promise of return. Terminator would not return alone: ​​from the catwalks to technology, through decoration and the series that most hook us, the 90s are the mirror in which we desperately seek to look at ourselves today. … Read more

10 movies from the 90s to watch with your kids

State-of-the-art technology at your fingertips. A paradigm shift in the way of see the movies favorites over and over, and over again. The novelty arrived in the 1980s with the advancement of VHS (in Spanish, home video system) and the fury of video stores -in Argentina, for example, there were 10,000-, where you could rent … Read more

10 Best 90s Horror Movies, According To Reddit

While every decade has horror movies that stand out to fans, whether they’re slashers or psychological thrillers, some say that the ’90s is full of cheesy, campy films. But while there are definitely some duds from this time period, there are countless scary movies from the ’90s that feature groundbreaking concepts and well-written characters, not … Read more