Actor Finn Wolfhard says the Ghostbusters sequel is faithful to the original

Back in December, when the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, many fans came out to criticize the teaser for the new sequel because they believed it did not respect the comedic tone and influence that the original ’80s movies had. Now, one of the protagonists of this relaunch of the saga -which would premiere on … Read more

What time and where to see the 2021 Emmy Awards

The 2021 Emmy Awards ceremony taking place this Sunday, September 19 it will recover the presence, after a virtual 2020, but up to a point since it will be with a limited number of guests. It can be seen from 8:00 p.m., live, (when in Los Angeles it is 5:00 p.m.) on the TNT signal, … Read more

a success story for business schools

Since its premiere in 1999, the musical “Mamma Mía!” has raised more than 4,000 million euros. What’s more, it has been the one that has generated the most income in history in 44 countries. The film based on the musical and released in 2008 is the highest grossing film in the history of this genre: … Read more

Judi Dench can no longer read the scripts or see the people in front of her

Judi Dench, one of the most endearing interpreters of British cinema and theater, is still at the foot of the canyon at 86 years old, having made her film debut half a century ago. Neither age nor his ailments prevented him from contouring and singing in the adaptation of Cats to the movies, a year … Read more

And that? Toronto Film Festival to Present Surprise Film by Steven Soderbergh

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will premiere a secret movie of Steven Soderbergh, which would mean its second premiere of the year after Not a misstep. Soderbergh is a movie animal who managed to direct up to three films in the same year, and that is why his curriculum includes 32 feature films in … Read more

the actor suffering from cancer announces an improvement in health

From his Instagram profile, Jeff Bridges shared a couple of photos in December where he was seen receiving cancer treatment and resting with Monty, his pet. Since then, his fans have not stopped showing him unconditional support. “The last thing: I feel good, I shaved my head, I have a puppy, Monty, and I had … Read more

The French made the leap from the Ten percent series to Hollywood

At some point in the pandemic, perhaps between the premiere of Ted Lasso in August 2020 and Bridgerton in December, you may have come across the French Netflix import, Call my agent! (Ten Percent o Ten percent in various countries), a sweet, if absurd, parody of the global entertainment complex seen through the lens of … Read more

the day Patrick Stewart met Lionel Messi

The image went viral in 2017. That year, at the “The Best” awards gala (organized by FIFA in London), Patrick Stewart, the renowned actor who played, for example, the Professor X in the X-Men saga, was photographed with Lionel Messi, one of the stars of the ceremony. The jokes, of course, did not wait. “He … Read more

Artificial intelligence can write itself

As soon as Tom Smith was able to get in touch with Codex – a new technology for artificial intelligence who writes his own computer programs — he interviewed him for a job. He asked if he could solve the “code challenges” that programmers often face when interviewing them for jobs that could make a … Read more

Exclusive interview with Mark Strong, from Cruella, specialist in villains

Being the bad guy often has its benefits. Who does not sympathize with the villain? And isn’t it true that for there to be a great hero, he must have a wicked man with all the letters in front of him? If even sometimes the villain prevails over the hero (Jack Nicholson’s The Joker in … Read more