Advancing our view at the subcellular level

Journal Reference: Kangqiang Qiu, Ryo Seino, Guanqun Han, Munetaka Ishiyama, Yuichiro Ueno, Zhiqi Tian, Yujie Sun, Jiajie Diao. De Novo Design of A Membrane‐Anchored Probe for Multidimensional Quantification of Endocytic Dynamics. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2022; 2102185 DOI: 10.1002/adhm.202102185 Now, University of Cincinnati cancer biologists have developed a new piece of technology and a new imaging … Read more

Precision machining produces tiny, light-guiding cubes for advancing info tech

Journal Reference: Kevin M. Roccapriore, Shin‐Hum Cho, Andrew R. Lupini, Delia J. Milliron, Sergei V. Kalinin. Sculpting the Plasmonic Responses of Nanoparticles by Directed Electron Beam Irradiation. Small, 2021; 18 (1): 2105099 DOI: 10.1002/smll.202105099 The seeming wizardry of these structures comes from the ability of their surfaces to support collective waves of electrons, called plasmons, … Read more

World Cup: Sewing the fastest in the 400 mixed. Benny is already third with Mora. De Tullio in the final in the 400 sl, Razzetti in the final in the 200 butterfly and mixed. Third fast relay. Ceccon and Scalia on their backs and Martinenghi on a frog are also advancing

World Cup Sewing the fastest in the 400 mixed Benny

The short course World Championships in Abu Dhabi started like all the great events with the 400 freestyle men: Marco De Tullio scored the qualification in 3’39 “53, not far from the personal of 3’38” 80 but with the thrill of last useful time. Tonight the 2000 driver from Bari will have to push a … Read more

Europeans: Rivolta’s record and an Italy that is advancing in strength

Europeans Rivoltas record and an Italy that is advancing in

Matteo Rivolta Another blue day at the European Championships in Kazan, where Italy in 3 days has already scored 15 medals with 3 golds, 9 silvers and 3 bronzes, the highest number even compared to Russia, which already has 11 podiums including 5 golds. Matteo Rivolta hits the Italian record in the 50 butterfly in … Read more

Czechia – Norway 7: 3, Relax win. The floorball players have confirmed the role of the favorite and are advancing from the second place –

Czechia Norway 7 3 Relax win The floorball players

Although the Norwegians had a better balance with eight wins and six draws from the previous 21 mutual matches, they lost to the Czech Republic four times in a row before the start of today’s duel. The last time they rejoiced was on December 7, 2012, after winning 5: 4 after separate raids in a … Read more