The Nba Christmas menu: 5 races and LeBron aiming for Kobe records

The Nba Christmas menu 5 races and LeBron aiming for

From New York-Atlanta at 6pm to Utah-Dallas which closes at 7am: all on the most important day of the regular season Say hello to relatives, thank your friends, put the gifts aside: we start at 6pm. Despite the grip of Covid and the over 100 players in the protocol, the NBA is ready for the … Read more

Goggia is a hurricane. Now he is aiming for the World Cup and an Olympic encore

Goggia is a hurricane Now he is aiming for the

Three victories in three days at Lake Louise put Sofia among the contenders for the crystal ball. The target is the confirmation of the free title won 4 years ago in PyeongChang Now browse a dictionary and search carefully for adjectives. But perhaps it would be enough to simply say “chapeau”, in the French way. … Read more