Succession: Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgard appear in the official trailer of the third season

Nothing puts more stress and drama on a family than a multi-million dollar empire at risk of disappearing. After the pushes and pulls of the first two seasons, Succession – 86% will finally come back with the lawsuit between the Roys and things have never been in greater danger for the company. After a scandal, … Read more

Vikings: Alexander Ludwig showed how much he knows Spanish | Spoiler

Vikings was one of the most important series of recent years, with a fandom that became a great defender of this fiction created by Michael Hirst. One of the main actors of the show was Alexander Ludwig, What Bjorn, one of the heirs of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). After the end of his participation in … Read more

Exclusive Interview – Composer Alexander Arntzen discusses his score for Saban Films’ Initiation

The teen slasher is back with Saban Films’ new film, Initiation. Out this Friday, the official synopsis reads: “During a university’s pledge week, the carefree partying turns deadly serious when a star athlete is found impaled in his dorm. The murder ignites a spree of sinister social-media messages, sweeping the students and police into a … Read more