Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland Feud Over ‘Most Ambitious Standalone Superhero Movie’ – nonenglishfeed

Ever since 2012’s Avengers broke the news as the ‘most ambitious crossover,’ every movie feels like the ‘most ambitious’ something. With Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland diving into the Marvel multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the two actors clash over which film is the real ‘most … Read more

Why Chris Nolan Picked Universal to Back His Ambitious Atom Bomb Movie – nonenglishfeed

Imagine an atom bomb exploding high in the clouds, in IMAX. Well, now moviegoers will get to see that image in the new $100-million movie from A-list auteur Christopher Nolan. At the close of finalizing a deal late Monday night, Universal greenlit Nolan’s script about how physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project invented … Read more

Why the ambitious bet on Mark Millar and Netflix’s superheroes failed

We have barely had time to prepare this article on the comparison between the Netflix series and the comic it adapts, because ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ has already been canceled. And the point is that he deserves it twice: first, because the series is boring to kill; second, because completely wastes starting material. As is logical, to … Read more