Kickstroid, ‘the smartest sneaker app ever,’ teaches you all about shoe hype

What makes a sneakerhead a sneakerhead? Is it a collection of Off-White and Yeezy; a love for customized Air Force 1s; or a single pair of beat-up Jordans? For David Alston and Nicco Adams, the answer is all of the above. The vast range of sneakers — and the people who love them — is … Read more

Twentieth Century Fox Launches Movie of the Day App on Apple TV

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is giving couples a good reason to avoid sky-high restaurant bills this Valentine’s Day, as the company is launching its Movie of the Day app on Apple TV Tuesday. The app, previously available on iOS devices, gives customers a 24-hour window to purchase a movie in digital HD for a price … Read more

APP: Chinese must respect us

RUNDU – The All People’s Party secretary general Vinsent Kanyetu says the ministry of labour must wake up to ensure that laws are implemented fully by Chinese business people who are accused of abusing Namibians. “This has to do with our Namibia-Chinese relationship, especially when it comes to Chinese men and women doing business here. … Read more

Google Play will show the app scores

Google announced a series of platform changes with the aim of making the ratings and reviews of the apps published by users more useful The official ‘software’ platform Google Play It will filter the appraisals of the applications to show the user those of people from the same country or who use the same type … Read more