Joaquin Phoenix assures that he did not want to give a speech when he won the Oscar for Best Actor

At the end of 2019 the public witnessed one of the most memorable interpretations of Joaquin Phoenix when he gave life to the most beloved psychopath in comics. Although Joker – 91% meant an important step for his career thanks to the many recognitions and acclaim from both critics and the public, the actor has … Read more

Actor Finn Wolfhard says the Ghostbusters sequel is faithful to the original

Back in December, when the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, many fans came out to criticize the teaser for the new sequel because they believed it did not respect the comedic tone and influence that the original ’80s movies had. Now, one of the protagonists of this relaunch of the saga -which would premiere on … Read more

Alex Wolff assures that The Devil’s Legacy left him psychological havoc with which he still lives

Despite the fact that the horror genre is one of the most acclaimed by the audience worldwide, in reality there are few productions that are satisfactory. Most of them have sinned with the unjustified use of sound effects, lighting and a myriad of clich├ęs that little by little are generating less fear because of how … Read more