CinemaCon 2021 | No Time to Die: new trailer shows James Bond under attack from Specter – nonenglishfeed

No Time to Die is one of the most anticipated releases of the season, and the constant changes in its premiere date caused a lot of frustration among the cast and fans. The point is that the first advances excited many, because it shows that the film will fire Daniel Craig in the best way, … Read more

STUDIOCANAL, FILM4, Complete Fiction Pictures & UpperRoom Productions Announce ATTACK THE BLOCK 2 Is NOW In Development

NIRA PARK, JOE CORNISH, JOHN BOYEGA & JAMES WILSON TO PRODUCE JOE CORNISH TO WRITE AND DIRECT JOHN BOYEGA TO STAR STUDIOCANAL, Film4, Complete Fiction Pictures & UpperRoom Productions today announce they are in early development on ATTACK THE BLOCK 2. In this, the 10th anniversary year of sci-fi cult classic ATTACK THE BLOCK, STUDIOCANAL … Read more

5 movies that changed after the attack on the Twin Towers

The world changed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. From security at international airports (HERE what could be done before), to what the most powerful nation on Earth understood by security and power. A group of terrorists violated all their filters and killed more than 3,000 people in three separate attacks, the most … Read more

20 years of the attack on the Twin Towers: conspiracy theories, the second enemy of the United States

A 20 years of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, dated Tuesday September 9, 2001, numerous conspiracy theories continue to circulate about one of the bloodiest episodes in human history. That Tuesday, a surprise attack shook the foundations of the Big Apple. It was carried out with the help of four United … Read more

Bob Odenkirk rejoins the filming of ‘Better Call Saul’ after recovering from a heart attack

There are audiovisual fiction characters that remain forever in the hearts of viewers. Whatever their behavior in the series, their conduct or its plot outcome, charisma prevails and they become remembered as one of the great banners of a series or a movie. In the same way, this esteem is also inevitably transferred to the … Read more