Chrysler Airflow Concept, the electric one with more than 600 km of autonomy

Chrysler Airflow Concept the electric one with more than 600

At the Ces in Las Vegas, Chrysler presented Airflow Concept: the super connected two-volume crossover that anticipates the arrival of the first American Ev in 2025. Numerous displays inside with the presence of the Stla SmartCockpit, for a more developed infotainment. Outside in addition to the redesigned logo, the 22-inch wheels with low-drag tires Stellantis … Read more

Autonomy Coni, the alarm from Cito: “A nightmare. Let’s avoid the IOC sanction “

Autonomy Coni the alarm from Cito A nightmare Lets avoid

The Executive to be held on Tuesday must intervene for the independence of the Olympic Committee without which Italy could be sanctioned at the Games. The concern of the president of Fita “We are living a nightmare at the mere thought that our athletes cannot participate in the Olympic Games under the aegis of the … Read more