Prost: “Senna asked me to stay in 1994. I made a serious mistake with Ayrton”

Prost Senna asked me to stay in 1994 I made

The four-time world champion reveals a background on the post-season 1993: “He called me begging me to accept the offer from McLaren.” Then he returns to the legendary dualism: “Everyone preferred the Brazilian, I was seen as the bad guy” Harsh, rude and no holds barred. The challenge between Max Verstappen e Lewis Hamilton in … Read more

“The last lap of Ayrton”: from the docufilm new details on the last hours of Senna

The last lap of Ayrton from the docufilm new details

Saturday 11 December the first broadcast on Sky Sport 1 of the documentary that traces the last tragic days of the three-time F1 world champion, including telemetry, testimonies and his statements before he died A slowdown to over 300 km per hour. “The last lap of Ayrton”, a Sky Sport docufilm, tries to break the … Read more