Hamilton and Bottas fly to Jeddah. Ferrari, Leclerc’s bad accident

Hamilton and Bottas fly to Jeddah Ferrari Leclercs bad accident

In the free 2 best time of the Mercedes ahead of Gasly and Verstappen. The Monegasque slams 3 minutes from the end demolishing his SF21. Seventh time for Sainz Mercedes always ahead of Red Bull also on the new track in Jeddah. In the second free practice session of the Arabian GP Lewis Hamilton in … Read more

Bad weather on Augusta National Women. Good performance by Paltrinieri and Don

Bad weather on Augusta National Women Good performance by Paltrinieri

The competition was interrupted during the first round, completed by 54 out of 82 players. However, the five Italians finished, in 75 strokes (+3) they finished Nobilio, Zanusso, Moresco “The good things are worth the wait”, they say in Augusta (Georgia) after the forced postponement of one year for the second edition of the Women’s … Read more

Uruguay is a small thing, Italy A wins 31-13. Bad news for Riccioni: broken crusader

Uruguay is a small thing Italy A wins 31 13 Bad

In Padua the Azzurri coached by Troncon dominate with the forwards and go to the goal with Cannone, Bruno, Tavuyara, Casilio and Trulla. For the Teros next Saturday a challenge with the senior national team in Parma. Confirmed the breaking of the crusader for the blue pylon. In Bordeaux, France beats Georgia 41-15 not without … Read more

The goal king’s cock after the derby victory: “Too bad it was the last”

The goal kings cock after the derby victory Too bad

Published: Yesterday 19.25 Updated: Yesterday 20.00 Jonas Edling is Edsbyn’s most goal scorer of all time. In the last elite league exchange at the arch-rival’s home ground, the veteran stepped forward – again. – A fantastic arena, says the two-goal shooter after the 6-4 victory against Bollnäs. Next season, Bollnäs GIF is expected to move … Read more

Urbanization not always bad for food and land use diversity

Journal Reference: Karl S. Zimmerer, Chris S. Duvall, Edward C. Jaenicke, Leia M. Minaker, Thomas Reardon, Karen C. Seto. Urbanization and agrobiodiversity: Leveraging a key nexus for sustainable development. One Earth, 2021; 4 (11): 1557 DOI: 10.1016/j.oneear.2021.10.012 More than 50% of humanity currently lives in urban areas and by 2050 this will grow to 68%. … Read more

Bad Italrugby, but winning: 17-10 against Uruguay, goals from Bruno and Faiva

Bad Italrugby but winning 17 10 against Uruguay goals from Bruno

After 16 defeats, the national team found success in the last autumn test match. The scoring of the two rookies was decisive, one for each time A victory in a scary afternoon. In Parma the Azzurri interrupt the streak of 16 defeats in a row, beat Uruguay 17-10 but risk getting nailed on par by … Read more