Andie MacDowell and Michael Keaton Discuss the Beauty of Getting Older

All clothes by Etro As the mother of three children, Andie MacDowell, the beloved Southern star of ’90s classics like Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral, has spent the past few decades balancing professional ambition against her desire to put her family life first. In the Netflix series Maid (now streaming), the two … Read more

Michelle Pfeiffer boasts of daughter, Claudia, a 28-year-old beauty who lives outside the ‘star-system’

Michelle Pfeiffer She is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, but she has always been known for being very jealous of her privacy. The acclaimed actress, 63, happily married and mother of two children, has always wanted to keep her family out of the public eye, although this time she could not resist … Read more

SBLA Beauty Founder Randi Shinder Shares About Her Brands

All products featured on OK! Magazine are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, OK! Magazine may earn an affiliate commission. Article continues below advertisement Here at OK!, we take our beauty brand recommendations very seriously because we believe that what we put on our body is equally … Read more

Andrea Meza lavishes angelic beauty in sublime translucent dress

Andrea Meza lavishes angelic beauty in sublime translucent dress | Special: Instagram The charismatic Miss Universe, Andrea Meza, squandered her angelic beauty by starring in an exquisite photo shoot with the new Miss South Africa 2021, Lalela Mswane, dressed in a sublime translucent dress that exposed her shapely legs. The Chihuahuan beauty queen of 27 … Read more

Katie Holmes’ four commandments for beautiful, well-groomed skin

When in March of this year she starred on the cover of the People magazine special beauty, without makeup, washed face, she showed a radiant attitude in the face of aesthetic criticism and the ageism that haunts the vast majority of actresses past 40. Katie Holmes (December 18, 1978) ended 2021 with 43 years of … Read more

From Tom Cruise to Madonna

Ever since Tom Cruise stepped out at a baseball game last weekend, fans have speculated whether the round-faced, chubby-cheeked look he revealed was the result of aging or a recent assignation with a syringe. They couldn’t figure out if the 59-year-old “Mission Impossible” star had been raiding the refrigerator — or opted for the risky business … Read more

25 photos of the pure beauty of Liam Hemsworth

Liam, the younger brother of the Hemsworths, decided to continue down the acting path, although, apparently, he has not had the same success as his brother Chris who has starred in films such as Thor, Men in Black and The Avengers. Here are some data that will make you know the super attractive Australian actor … Read more

Aislinn Derbez poses in pants and barefoot, and her boyfriend calls her “hottie”

Aislinn Derbez poses in pants and barefoot, and her boyfriend calls her “hottie.” | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Always committed to good causes, the Mexican actress, Aislinn Derbez, did not miss the opportunity to remind women of the importance of preventing breast cancer through self-examination. Through their networks, the star of The House of Flowers She poses … Read more

The 6 keys to Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty routine

Gwyneth Paltrow He turned 49 and decided to celebrate it naturally. With a nude photo in her bathtub, outdoors. Gwyneth is definitely someone else. More mature, more complex, and also more natural. The actress is encouraged to analyze the effects of the passage of time and the risk of deforming surgeries. We tell you how … Read more

Helen Mirren: The actress reveals her secrets about beauty and confidence

Helen Mirren she’s played everyone from the inspector, Jane Tennison, to Queen Elizabeth, and she’s won too many awards to list. After more than 30 years of career, at 76 years old it seems not to stop. Recently, the british actress, Helen Mirren, starred in the parade of L’Oreal Paris in the ‘City of Light’, … Read more