‘Unstable and distracted’ Putin bites his lip and fidgets during Easter Cathedral service, fueling Parkinson’s rumors – Reuters News in France and abroad

Unstable and distracted Putin bites his lip and fidgets during

Fragile-looking Vladimir Putin fueled rumors of failing health last night as he was seen biting his lip, fidgeting distractedly and appearing unsteady during a church service. The bully – dogged by claims he has Parkinson’s disease or terminal cancer – growled as he held a candle by the altar during a midnight mass for Orthodox … Read more

T. rex’s short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies

Journal Reference: KEVIN PADIAN. Why tyrannosaur forelimbs were so short: an integrative hypothesis. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 2022; 67 DOI: 10.4202/app.00921.2021 He would usually list a range of paleontologists’ proposed hypotheses — for mating, for holding or stabbing prey, for tipping over a Triceratops — but his students, usually staring a lifesize replica in the face, … Read more

New research bites holes into theories about Megalodons

Journal Reference: Phillip C. Sternes, Jake J. Wood, Kenshu Shimada. Body forms of extant lamniform sharks (Elasmobranchii: Lamniformes), and comments on the morphology of the extinct megatooth shark, Otodus megalodon, and the evolution of lamniform thermophysiology. Historical Biology, 2022; 1 DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2021.2025228 The study, which makes use of a pioneering technique for analyzing sharks, has … Read more

Bentil overflowing, Milan bites Virtus wins but Teodosic gets hurt

Bentil overflowing Milan bites Virtus wins but Teodosic gets hurt

After the victory of Venice in Trento early on Saturday, today the program of the 15th day is completed. However, a reduced program for Covid: Brescia-Pesaro, Treviso-Trieste and Brindisi-Naples are not played Milan-Tortona 72-60 A comeback success for the AX Milano that suffers throughout the first half, then regulates a brave Tortona. After a bad … Read more