What is “dementia with Lewy bodies” suffered by actor Robin Williams and baseball player Tom Seaver (and why is it so difficult to diagnose)

Melissa J. Armstrong The Conversation* September 9, 2020 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Robin Williams committed suicide in 2014. A post-mortem diagnosis revealed that he suffered from dementia with Lewy bodies. Lewy body dementia has made headlines around the world again in recent days for two reasons: First, due to the death of baseball player … Read more

Rihanna reveals her first guest list for the Savage x Fenty Show vol. 3

Talented Rihanna announced volume three of her famous lingerie runway “Savage x Fenty”, Which aims to vindicate the idea of ​​being sexy and promote inclusion. It has also revealed a first list of its guests that include personalities from many countries, of all body types, preferences and genders. This show Rihanna produces for her lingerie … Read more