Charlotte Wood: ‘The artists I most respect have a real acceptance of the animal self’ | Books

When Charlotte Wood first sat down to write her 2015 novel The Natural Way of Things, she was stuck. “It wasn’t working,” she told Guardian Australia’s monthly book club on Friday, dialling in over Zoom from the Central Coast of New South Wales. “It was dead on the page.” A decade and a half deep … Read more

Reese Witherspoon’s feminist empire built on movies, series and many books

Reese Witherspoon apart from being one of the actresses of the moment is a great businesswoman. She is the owner of Hello Sunshine one of the companies, which according to Time, is among the 100 most influential in the world. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the premiere of A very legal blonde, a … Read more

Latino Poets, Great Books, Film Screening at WTAMU

Canyon – In addition to the ongoing Homecoming Week celebrations, West Texas A&M University will host many different virtual and in-person events over the next several days that will cater to a variety of interests. Distinguished Lecture Series Latin poets Alessandra Narváz Varela and Cassandra Lopez will present “Latin Poetry and the Crises of America” … Read more

So. Do You Think ‘Real’ Witches Exist in the Modern World?

Tis the season to discuss all of these spooky things… so I ask ya: Do you believe there are “real” witches? Were there ever? What about magic?…or “magick” as any witch may be quick to point out. If they exist, of course. If you were to take a poll among adults about their most common … Read more

Disturbing books that you will want to keep reading even if you end up traumatized

The dark, haunting, violent and macabre is addictive, awakens things in us (fear, mainly fear) and makes us question a million different things, that is why some of the best-selling books in the world tell stories of murderers, crimes, monsters and terrible situations, and the most Successful people are those who play with our minds … Read more

10 must-read books by Leo Tolstoy

It’s a challenge to select just ten books from the author’s 90-volume collected works. But we’ve tried. 1. Childhood (1852) A still from ‘Childhood, Boyhood, Youth’ movie Pyotr Fomenko,1973 This work is most Russian children’s introduction to Leo Tolstoy. Part of a biographical trilogy, Childhood is one of the first attempts to dissect human feelings … Read more

New Films, Books And Translations Are Coming: Shakespeare, The Most Valid Of The Classic Authors

Writer William Shakespeare. One of the characteristics of classical authors is their permanent updating, the ease with which each age reads their themes, the imperishable vigor of the plots: all these variables come together in William Shakespeare, the English playwright who died 405 years ago and maintains his validity with a new, revitalized work, as … Read more

How to stay in Jamaica where James Bond books were written – Redlands Daily Facts – nonenglishfeed

Starting to write this travel feature at the very desk where James Bond was born has me shaken like 007’s favorite drink. Come to think of it, an unstirred Vesper martini, introduced in “Casino Royale,” would be the perfect remedy to calm the nervous excitement of a journalist humbled by his current workspace that overlooks … Read more

7 books that were once banned and made it big on the big screen

There are many things that have been prohibited and among them are books. From the moment a book is banned it becomes something worthy of being revered by readers, since if it had not been censored by the authorities, they probably would not even have realized its existence. Many of these texts that have been … Read more

12 Movies Based On Your Favorite Children’s Books to Watch on Netflix

Although a good book is often said to be better than a movie, this has not stopped many great children’s tales successfully transitioning to film. With streaming services now the easiest way to find your new favorite TV and movies, it is no wonder Netflix boasts an array of fantastic content based on children’s classics. … Read more