Bortolami, letter to Lamaro: “This is what it means to be captains of Italy”

Bortolami letter to Lamaro This is what it means to

Marco Bortolami, former blue skipper now coach of Benetton, writes to his player: “Immediately impressed by your competitiveness, I knew that one day you would get there. A leader makes a difference if he gives himself generously, not out of narcissism. Enjoy New Zealand, it’s everyone’s dream ” Michele Lamaro, 23-year-old flanker and co-captain of … Read more

Treviso, the Urc is back. Bortolami: “Foot play, defense and attack, we change”

Treviso the Urc is back Bortolami Foot play defense and

The Glasgow Warriors arrive in Treviso on Saturday, the goal is to win with a link in the standings. The Benetton coach speaks after the long break for the autumn test matches Ivan Malfatto 25 november – Milano “Out of the 23 players on the list we will have about ten returning from the autumn … Read more