Sports Heroes Who Served: Dune buggy builder, racer, survived Kamikaze attack

In 1964, Bruce Meyers took the beach by storm. His homemade dune buggy, christened the Meyers Manx, was the first-ever fiberglass dune buggy. The fiberglass body covered a tricked-out Volkswagen Beetle chassis equipped with wide tires. The wounded from the sinking aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill are transferred to the light cruiser USS Wilkes-Barre off … Read more

Closed-Deck Block Conversions – Engine Builder Magazine

A Horsepower Love Story When it comes to Subaru engines, even given some inherent design flaws with respect to their weaknesses, they are still and always will remain legendary Japanese tuning platforms. These engines make easy power, are well-known and available, and are great options for a number of performance-oriented applications, but at a cost. … Read more