Avengers 4: Pom Klementieff reveals he will team up with Captain Marvel

There are only nine months until the premiere of Avengers: Endgame – 95%, but fans are desperately looking everywhere for new clues about how Marvel heroes will manage to reverse the tragic end of Avengers: Endgame. Fortunately, the cast of both films is so large that eventually an actor misses a comment with new information … Read more

Brie Larson shared the story of a Guatemalan student

Actress Brie Larson, recognized for her performance in “Captain Marvel”, shared on her Instagram account the story of Rosa, a Guatemalan student OTHER NEWS: The four moments in which Oscar Isaac has shown that he does feel Guatemalan Rosa is a Guatemalan student who received a scholarship thanks to the program of Michelle Obama, which … Read more

Brie Larson is accused of being jealous of WandaVision and her fans defend her

Captain Marvel – 60% was a divisive movie. There is no doubt about it. Marvel intended to make a feminist superhero movie. It is debatable whether he succeeded at all or not. At times, it feels that this aspect was something that was done in a very studied and artificial way. What is certain is … Read more

Brie Larson suggests she’s bisexual and becomes trending

Always Brie Larson (The Room – 94%, Kong: Skull Island – 76%, Avengers: Endgame – 95%) has proven to be an open-minded person committed to progressive values, his unconditional support for the LGBTQ community is undeniable and that is why he has many fans (and many haters), but now his story could take a turn … Read more

Marvel actors who disappointed with their role in the films: received many complaints

Marvel Comics Every year the list of actors who join the MCU grows little by little and thanks to this integration of talents, new superheroes or villains have been seen. Of course, not all of them receive good reviews for their roles and in some cases they disappointed the fans so much that many ended … Read more

Who is Mckenna Grace and where has she appeared?

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Rumor: Marvel felt Brie Larson wasn’t enough to star in Captain Marvel sequel

Now that Marvel announced how its Phase 4 calendar was, there was something that caught the attention of more than one fan of the company. We all expected the Captain Marvel sequel – 60% were to call Captain Marvel 2. So it was a big surprise when it was revealed that the real title is … Read more

Gemma Chan criticizes Sherlock for the racist stereotype he portrayed in the series

Gemma Chan is about to revitalize her career thanks to her starring role in Eternals, directed by ChloĆ© Zhao. The actress has been working for several years and is not exactly a stranger to the public. He even has an appearance in Captain Marvel – 60% that made her stand out enough that her fans … Read more

Actors who denied the rumors of being in a superhero movie, but did turn up

Columbia Pictures With Spider-Man: No Way Home On the doorstep, rumors have not stopped spreading about the participation of the previous Peter Parkers in the new film, although Andrew Garfield has denied in interviews that he is involved in the project However, there is a history of actors who also refuted their integration into a … Read more

Marvel | Brie Larson will be fired as Captain Marvel and already has a replacement | Spoiler

Captain Marvel was one of the last films to be part of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while it managed to meet the expectations of the fans, many didn’t really feel that Brie Larson was the one to play the character. In recent weeks, different media have reported that the actress will … Read more