Dakar 2022, the folds of the regulations: the pros and cons for electric cars

Dakar 2022 the folds of the regulations the pros and

The novelties of the competition are a cross and a delight for alternative energy vehicles: favored by shorter stages and mandatory neutralization, but at risk in the marathon stage The official numbers of the competition, announced by the general manager, David Castera, speak of 1030 competitors, out of 560 vehicles, of which 166 between motorbikes … Read more

Super Green Pass: what changes in cars, taxis and public transport

Super Green Pass what changes in cars taxis and public

From 6 December 2021 to 15 January 2022, unless extended, the Super Green Pass, also known as the Enhanced Green Pass, will be active. It will allow access to services and activities precluded from basic green certification also in some sectors of mobility. Here all the details From December 6, the Super Green Pass debuts, … Read more

Easiest digital odometers to fix: 1.6 million cars in the US

Easiest digital odometers to fix 16 million cars in the

An NBC investigation revealed that in the US the car-mileage scam is uncontrollable with a turnover of over 1 billion dollars In the US the case of rigged odometers. According to NBC in the US they are in circulation well 1.6 million vehicles which do not record the kilometers actually traveled. In just a few … Read more