Actors who would be perfect for a live action Tim Burton animations

Warner Bros. Pictures In recent years, there is a trend in Disney productions to make live-action adaptations of animated classics. As of yet, there are no plans for an adaptation of Tim Burton’s animations; However, it is not difficult to imagine that sooner or later one will be made and there are actors who would … Read more

Why Space Jam 2’s Looney Tunes Mistake Is Sidelining The Cartoons (Not The CGI)

Space Jam: A New Legacy brought the Looney Tunes and basketball together one more time, but it made a huge mistake by sidelining Bugs and friends. Space Jam: A New Legacy hasn’t been safe from criticism, and while one of the most divisive aspects of it has been its use of CGI, its real mistake … Read more

Stream French: movies, TV shows, documentaries and cartoons await on France Channel

Learn more Frenchly readers get a 10% discount on their France Channel subscription with code: FRENCHLYPROMOCODE [Sponsored content] France Channel is calling itself the first “Culturetainment” platform. This streaming platform dedicated to French culture and creation allows all American Francophiles, French learners and French people living abroad to enjoy the best of what France has … Read more