Breaking News – BBC One and Amazon Studios Release First-Look Images and Further Casting for Sarah Phelps’ “A Very British Scandal”

BBC One and Amazon Studios Release First-Look Images and Further Casting for Sarah Phelps’ “A Very British Scandal” The first-look images have been released for BBC One and Amazon Studios’ A Very British Scandal, from the makers of the award-winning A Very English Scandal, Blueprint Pictures. They feature Claire Foy (The Crown, Wolf Hall) as … Read more

What Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Casting Taught Kevin Feige

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine casting was originally controversial, and it happened to teach Kevin Feige a valuable lesson for the MCU. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine casting taught Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige a valuable lesson early on his career. Now known as two of the bigger names in the world of superhero movies, Hugh Jackman and Kevin Feige’s … Read more

Before Iconic Iron Man Casting, RDJ Was Supposed to Be In ‘Fantastic Four’

When Marvel fans think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is one actor who tends to come to mind before all the rest — the man who launched the MCU in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (2008), Robert Downey, Jr. Credit: Marvel Studios Related: ‘Loki’ Star Received Warning Texts From Kevin Feige’s “Burner Phone” For over a … Read more

Retro-Cast: Casting Squid Game In The 1990s

With its pulse-pounding challenges, dramatic storylines, and intriguing cast of social misfits, it’s not surprising that K-drama Squid Game is one of the most popular series on Netflix. The sort of uncompromising social commentary it delivers around its dystopian subject matter isn’t unlike what could be found in ’90s Hollywood indies as studios moved away from … Read more

Retro-Cast: Casting The Hateful Eight In The 1980s

While it’s not quite as widely acclaimed or popular as some of Quentin Tarantino’s other movies, The Hateful Eight offers a bleak, uncompromising, breathtaking vision of the Old West. The movie must’ve been a treat to cast, since it revolves around an ensemble of bloodthirsty, rough-around-the-edges western villains who are confined to a haberdashery by … Read more

Benedict Wong Shares Funny Doctor Strange Casting Story

Benedict Wong shares a funny story involving Chiwetel Ejiofor about how he was cast as the sorcerer of the same name in 2016’s Doctor Strange. Benedict Wong shares a funny Doctor Strange casting story. With Black Widow kicking off Phase 4, the MCU is prepared to expand in big ways through a combination of its … Read more

Will Poulter Reacts To His Casting As Adam Warlock

Will Poulter responded to the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” movie director, James Gunn on Twitter, thanking him for casting him as Marvel superhero, Adam Warlock. “Thank you, James. It’s a genuine honor to play this role and to work with you,” he replied to Gunn’s tweet Tuesday. “I’m very excited to get to work.” … Read more

Why Casting Celebrity Voice Actors Is Now the Wrong Approach

How many times a year has your local movie theater been plastered with posters that detail a laundry list of celebrity names attached to an animated film? How often have animated trailers ended with a massive wall of text revealing a lengthy, star-studded voice cast? Over the past couple of decades, it has almost become … Read more

From Danny De Vito to Robin Williams: list of actors who could be the Doc in Back to the Future

On 1985, the first part of the film saga Return to the future came into our lives to mark a before and after. The initial installment of the trilogy – which was completed last year 35 years– changed the way of conceiving travels in the time; and the elements that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale … Read more