Contorted oceanic plate caused complex quake off New Zealand’s East Cape

Journal Reference: Ryo Okuwaki, Stephen P. Hicks, Timothy J. Craig, Wenyuan Fan, Saskia Goes, Tim J. Wright, Yuji Yagi. Illuminating a Contorted Slab With a Complex Intraslab Rupture Evolution During the 2021 Mw 7.3 East Cape, New Zealand Earthquake. Geophysical Research Letters, 2021; 48 (24) DOI: 10.1029/2021GL095117 In a new study published in Geophysical Research … Read more

Scientists discover biological mechanisms caused by deficits in high-risk autism gene

Journal Reference: Simone Afriyie, Blake A Creighton, Deepa Ajit, Cristine R Casingal, Kayleigh M Voos, Joan Reger, April M Burch, Eric Dyne, Julia Bay, Jeffrey K Huang, ES Anton, Meng-Meng Fu, Damaris N Lorenzo. Giant ankyrin-B mediates transduction of axon guidance and collateral branch pruning factor sema 3A. eLife, 2021; 10 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.69815 The discovery, … Read more