This is how a ‘supercouple’ works: anatomy of the euphoria and profitability of two celebrities together | News | ICON

It happened during the Venice Festival, held in early September. In the projection of The last dueldirected by Ridley Scott, actor and director Ben Affleck got out of his car and posed for a few moments before the press. Then, with the gesture of a master of ceremonies, he opened the door of the same … Read more

Don’t Worry! The Celebs Are Ending the Pandemic

This is a preview of our pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by senior entertainment reporter Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox each week, sign up for it here. This week: The best show on TV right now. Fear not, the celebs are ending the pandemic! When was the … Read more

Respect for Jennifer Hudson: How the actress overcame tragedy to cherish the Oscar nomination | Celebrities, Vips

“You know you’re going to win an Oscar for playing me, right?” As if it were another part of her will, Aretha Franklin wanted to guarantee before her death the only person worthy of continuing her legacy, even if only in fiction. And it was so clear that the chosen one was Jennifer Hudson that … Read more

Celebrities urge world leaders to help end pandemic – Manila Bulletin

Some 70 personalities in the arts and entertainment signed a letter that call on global leaders to step up vaccine efforts before the end of 2021. In a letter organized by nonprofit CARE and the org’s global advocate Iman, the appeal came in time for the United Nations General Assembly and the Global COVID-19 Summit hosted by … Read more

Actors who would be perfect for a live action Tim Burton animations

Warner Bros. Pictures In recent years, there is a trend in Disney productions to make live-action adaptations of animated classics. As of yet, there are no plans for an adaptation of Tim Burton’s animations; However, it is not difficult to imagine that sooner or later one will be made and there are actors who would … Read more

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to live any longer …”, Zachary Levi revealed as Shazam! changed his life CELEBRITIES The Intransigent

At the beginning of the year, Zachary Levi, surprised the whole world by introducing himself for the first time as “Shazam!On the big screen. Both the networks and the specialized critics filled positive reviews of the character, guaranteeing the actor international fame and a well-deserved sequel in development. However, 39-year-old Levi recently revealed that he … Read more

Vikings: 10 things from Travis Fimmel, actor who played Ragnar in the History series | Ragnar Lothbrok | Vikings | Netflix series | nnda nnlt | SPORTS-PLAY

“Vikings”Is based on the legends about the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most famous heroes of Norse culture, known for having plundered Northumbria, France and Brittany. Although after his death, the historical drama followed the story of his children and the conflicts in which they were involved. Travis Fimmel played Ragnar Lothbrok in the … Read more

The unlikely success of Melissa McCarthy: how the actress who nobody wanted to dress ended up being the highest paid in Hollywood | Celebrities, Vips

“Bride of America”. That is the qualification that the American film press has given for decades to those actresses who managed to dazzle critics and audiences with their charm and talent. From Mary Pickford to Jennifer Lawrence, through Doris Day, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston, there have been numerous interpreters who have entered … Read more

Interview with Katherine Langford, Netflix heroine: “Of course I have self-esteem and confidence issues; we lack real women in the movies”

Australian Katherine Langford (Perth, 1996) rose to fame for her impressive performance in For 13 reasons. In this series produced by Selena Gomez, which shocked as well as impacted, she played Hannah Baker, a young woman who decides to kill herself and recorded, on cassette tapes, the 13 reasons that had led her to do … Read more