This is what the actors of the movie ‘Percy Jackson’ look like 10 years after the premiere, they are unrecognizable!

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment via IMDB It’s been 10 years since Logan Lerman starred in the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, first tape of what I hoped would be a trilogy. The story is an adaptation of the first of six novels that make up the series Percy Jackson and the Olympian … Read more

From Tom Cruise to Madonna

Ever since Tom Cruise stepped out at a baseball game last weekend, fans have speculated whether the round-faced, chubby-cheeked look he revealed was the result of aging or a recent assignation with a syringe. They couldn’t figure out if the 59-year-old “Mission Impossible” star had been raiding the refrigerator — or opted for the risky business … Read more

Celebrities who came out as adults: Jim Parsons, Jodie Foster, Lalo Spain

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What became of the original cast of Rebelde in 2021? Alfonso Herrera won the Ariel for best actor

Although a remake of Rebelde is on the way, the original cast continues to be remembered by fans of the first series and many of the actors have had successful careers in the entertainment industry. The cast had international success between 2004 and 2009, as they not only starred in the series, but also became … Read more

Who is Mckenna Grace and where has she appeared?

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This is how the actors of ‘The advantages of being invisible’ look 9 years after the premiere (photos)

Mr. Mudd The advantages of being invisible it marked the adolescence of many; His story connected perfectly with the youth audience, who was not intimidated by high school and not being part of the popular ones? Like Sam, Charlie and Patrick, many of us survived that drama-filled time with only incredible experiences left to remember. … Read more

Actors who worked with their children and family on a movie and you didn’t realize it

Amy Sussman vía Getty Hollywood is full of family actors and some of them work together or there are those who prefer to keep their projects separate. However, there are some cases of famous actors who included their family, especially their children, in some movie with a small cameo and not many noticed. Tim P. … Read more

Anthony Joshua recalls thinking Jay-Z would ‘bust’ his head at movie premiere

More like Sock-a-fella records. Heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua might not seem like he receives a lot of threats. However, the two-time heavyweight champion recalled a time when he thought Jay-Z was going to smack him at a film premiere, the Daily Mail reported. The 31-year-old power puncher dropped the bombshell while talking to William Hill … Read more

Celebrities who are very handsome, but sacrificed their appeal to appear in a superhero movie

Steven Ferdman vía Getty Images In action movies, superhero movies have a privileged place, as they are gaining more and more fans. This is due to the incredible special effects, the well-constructed stories and, of course, the work of the cast. For this reason, many actors have not hesitated to become part of this universe, … Read more

Abduction: the movie that ruined Taylor Lautner’s Hollywood career

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Breeders’ Cup Taylor Lautner is one of those actors who disappeared from Hollywood after a moment when it seemed like his popularity was taking off, but a movie ruined his career forever. Getty Images Taylor Lautner is remembered for the role of Jacob Black in the saga of Twilight, in which … Read more