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Since Friday, August 20, “The Chair”Is available at Netflix. This new production takes place at the fictional Pembroke University, where Ji-Yoon Kim has been named the first black woman chair of the English department. MORE INFORMATION: Explained End of “The Chair” As the streaming service explains in the synopsis: “As the first woman to head … Read more

Unstable chair

For the first time, a woman of Korean origin is chosen as the new director of English department in a traditional university. On your first day, arrives on campus with great pride and disposition and when accommodating in the chair of his brand new office, falls hopelessly to the ground due to the poor condition … Read more

The Chair – La Directora, the Netflix series that conquered audiences and critics

I worked for a decade in a publishing house specializing in books and magazines for teachers of all levels and while I watched The director I remembered some notes that I had to read. For example, in one scene the Director of the English Department Ji-Yoon Kim, he asks the Dean Larson how long has … Read more