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Many countries have neighborhoods where drug trafficking and murder in the street are not very extraordinary. The movie Critical thinking (Movistar) reflects one like that, from Miami. And as in others (and in many known cases), the boundless enthusiasm of a schoolmaster and the great social utility of chess combine to save a group of … Read more

Lady’s Gambit | Chess | Deysi Cori and why chess has become a boom in Peru in schools, parks and homes | netflix | anya taylor joy | school chess tournament | jorge cori | ec stories | aptz | ARE

According to the criteria of Know more Sixteen years ago, when I was still a child, Deysi Cori (28) he beat me playing Chess. Me and a score of adolescent fans of “science sports” who had arrived at the Olaya passage, in Miraflores, to play against her in a simultaneous game. Like in the Netflix … Read more