a successful fable designed for a child audience and with a strong environmental message

The One and Only Ivan (The One and Only Ivan, USA 2020). Director: Thea Sharrock. Screenplay: Mike White. Photography: Florian Ballhaus. Music: Craig Armstrong. Edition: Barney Pilling. Cast: Bryan Cranston, Sam Rockwell (voice), Angelina Jolie (voice), Danny DeVito (voice), Helen Mirren (voice), Brooklynn Prince (voice), and Ariana Greenblatt. Duration: 98 minutes. Available at: Disney +. … Read more

“Losing a child in childbirth is the most disturbing thing one can imagine”

This year she has joined the list of illustrious actresses who have won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival for Fragments of a woman , the Hungarian film Kornel Mundruczó that this week joins the Netflix billboard. Daughter of a prestigious urologist and an equally renowned editor who raised her in the vicinity … Read more

Tom Cruise Denied Abandoning His Child as He Shared the Reason for Not Seeing Her for 100 Days

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their daughter Suri in 2006, but after their divorce in 2012, Cruise and his daughter’s relationship has been estranged. “Mission Impossible” actor Tom Cruise and “Dawson’s Creek” actress Katie Holmes were together for almost a decade and have a daughter, Suri, together, when she filed for divorce in 2012. Before … Read more

22 Child Stars Then and Now; what they did when they started and what they do today

While the rest of us mortals spent our childhood playing in the mud and spending the change that we had left when they sent us for tortillas on machines, these celebrities were big stars of cinema and television from a very young age. During their beginning and adolescence they were the protagonists of very successful … Read more

Jude Law could be expecting her sixth child

Jude Law and his wife, the psychologist Phillipa Coan, they could be expecting their first child together. The news has come to light after the couple was photographed walking through the streets of London and she clearly showed off her pregnant belly. In case there was any doubt, the photographer managed to cap the future … Read more

Child or young actresses who are identical to their adult character

Revolution Studios | Revolution Studios It is not strange that series and movies use jumps in time as a resource to tell their story, whether it all begins when the protagonist is a girl or has a flashback throughout the plot. In these cases, the production must find a child or young actress to play … Read more