Oklahoma City, the team of NBA records … negative: but in -73 there is still hope

Oklahoma City the team of NBA records negative but in

The Thunder now have the record of the worst defeat and the largest home knockout. Despite everything, they continue to believe in a winning future Oklahoma City is not the worst NBA team. Certainly, however, the Thunder hold two negative records that no team would like to have: those of the worst defeats ever, both … Read more

Green Bay falls in Kansas City, the Cowboys overwhelmed by Denver

Green Bay falls in Kansas City the Cowboys overwhelmed by

Ninth day of surprise results: New Orleans beaten at home by Atlanta, the Giants beat Las Vegas Nfl Sunday NFL with crazy results, which are hard to imagine crazier. Denver overwhelms Dallas in Texas, Jacksonville surprises Buffalo against all logic, New Orleans surrenders in Louisiana to Atlanta and Las Vegas yields to the New York … Read more

A super Rodgers is not enough: Minnesota beats Green Bay. Kansas City is flying again

A super Rodgers is not enough Minnesota beats Green Bay

Another round full of surprises: Dallas, Tennessee and Buffalo fall. Arizona is confirmed as the best team in the League. On Monday Night Tampa Bay against the New York Giants Arizona with confirmation, Kansas City with proof, Minnesota with pride proof. Three teams, these, impress on the eleventh Sunday NFL, the day will close with … Read more