Facebook TV Show Doomsday Machine Casts Claire Foy

The Crown’s Claire Foy is moving from Windsor Castle to Facebook headquarters to play Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in a new series Doomsday Machine. The upcoming TV series Doomsday Machine has cast The Crown’s Claire Foy as Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. Multiple award-winning actress Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth II in the first … Read more

Marie Claire | Industry: all about the return, after many battles, of the great creator of Girls

They are very young, they arrive at “big leagues” of the entertainment industry and they do it with a vision as personal as it is refreshing. We talk about Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, the creators of the New serie the HBO, Industry, who for their fire debut had the direct support of someone who … Read more

Marie Claire | Meet Gaby Goldberg, the Argentine creative who works for Lebron James

Gaby Goldberg has lived for more than ten years in The Angels city ​​to which she arrived with her husband to work “two ends” (BA and LA), but little by little the various projects in the capital of dreams were taking up your entire schedule. 2 years ago is the Directora Creativa de The Spring Hill … Read more

Marie Claire | Jennifer Lopez’s nutritionist reveals six tips for healthy eating

Become one of the most admired and desired women in the world, few will be able to forget the last public appearances of Jennifer Lopez. Appearances such as his passage through the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival where, officially accompanied for the first time by Ben Affleck, the singer and actress swept sexier … Read more

Marie Claire | Interview with Amy Adams and Julianne Moore, protagonists of The Woman in the Window

This came to Netflix psychological thriller called The Woman in the Window. The film has a multi-star cast: Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Whyte Russel and Gary Oldman and is directed by Joe Wright (Pride and Prejudice). The story revolves around the character of Amy Adams (Anna), an agoraphobic psychologist who has been locked up at … Read more

Claire Redfield has lovely hair in the first Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City stills

Earlier this week the internet’s friends at IGN provided the first look at some of the cast of the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City film. These images have been much discussed in the intervening days based on how much the cast look like/have the correct haircuts of the original video game cast, but I’m here to give the definitive verdict: I think they look pretty good and their hair is lovely, actually.

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Marie Claire | Joshua Jackson: “We have to keep reviewing who we put to the top of power”

Sports idol, intelligent, seductive, attractive and promise (later “self-fulfilling”) of future eminence in medicine. So it could have been quickly described Christopher Duntsch in his college years, well before his coronation as star surgeon and physician from Dallas, Texas, and long before its definitive conversion into the Dr Death (Dr Death), nickname with which he … Read more

Outlander: This is how Claire would react to Jamie’s infidelity with Malva | Spoiler

Fans of Outlander they can’t take it anymore. On June 1, the end of the filming of the sixth season was confirmed at the same time as the premiere date: it will be next year. There is no official date yet, but the production made it clear that there will be no new episodes until … Read more

Marie Claire | One by one, the series that arrive (and return!) In May

The series they follow their triumphal path on the path of streaming and by now we need a true road map so as not to miss the train of news. It is with that spirit that, month by month, we offer here a small curatorship of the main events of the month, whether premieres or … Read more