The Clock is Ticking: Filmmakers on Surviving Through the Pandemic

Luka Sabbat, Selena Gomez and Austin Butler in The Dead Don’t Die (Photo by Frederick Elmes, courtesy of Focus Features) Time may be running out for independent filmmakers. Sure, even as the pandemic has completely disrupted their entire workflows and business models, they’re a scrappy and resourceful bunch. Like restaurants pivoting to drive-thru, delivery and … Read more

In Escape Room 2 the clock ticks again in new deadly challenges that fill us with excitement, but … – Spoiler Time

Today premieres Escape Room 2 (Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal), sequel to the hit horror thriller of the 2019 in which a group of young people faced a series of riddles in complicated puzzles where their lives were at stake. Directed again by Adam Robitel, the tape has been well received by audiences around the … Read more