Maximizing effectiveness of therapeutic vaccines a step closer

Journal Reference: Erin Gatza, Daniel R. Wahl, Anthony W. Opipari, Thomas B. Sundberg, Pavan Reddy, Chen Liu, Gary D. Glick, James L. M. Ferrara. Manipulating the Bioenergetics of Alloreactive T Cells Causes Their Selective Apoptosis and Arrests Graft-Versus-Host Disease. Science Translational Medicine, 2011; 3 (67) DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3001975 Published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers say the … Read more

A 4 V-class metal-free organic lithium-ion battery gets closer to reality

Journal Reference: Yuto Katsuyama, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Kazuyuki Iwase, Yoshiyuki Gambe, Itaru Honma. Are Redox‐Active Organic Small Molecules Applicable for High‐Voltage (>4 V) Lithium‐Ion Battery Cathodes? Advanced Science, 2022; 2200187 DOI: 10.1002/advs.202200187 Unlike conventional lithium-ion batteries, which depend on rare-earth materials such as cobalt and lithium, organic batteries exploit naturally abundant elements such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, … Read more

Chris Wood penalty brings Newcastle United closer to Premier League survival – Reuters News in France and abroad

Chris Wood penalty brings Newcastle United closer to Premier League

Chris Wood scored from the penalty spot as Newcastle took a big step to stay in the Premier League with a 1-0 home win against Wolves on Friday. The New Zealand striker was on target in the 72nd minute, with his second goal for the Magpies since his January £25m ($32m) move from Burnley, helping … Read more

One step closer to artificial rhino eggs

Journal Reference: Vera Zywitza, Ejona Rusha, Dmitry Shaposhnikov, Jorge Ruiz-Orera, Narasimha Telugu, Valentyna Rishko, Masafumi Hayashi, Geert Michel, Lars Wittler, Jan Stejskal, Susanne Holtze, Frank Göritz, Robert Hermes, Jichang Wang, Zsuzsanna Izsvák, Silvia Colleoni, Giovanna Lazzari, Cesare Galli, Thomas B. Hildebrandt, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Sebastian Diecke, Micha Drukker. Naïve-like pluripotency to pave the way for saving … Read more

Astronomers closer to unlocking origin of mysterious fast radio bursts

Journal Reference: Yi Feng, Di Li, Yuan-Pei Yang, Yongkun Zhang, Weiwei Zhu, Bing Zhang, Wenbin Lu, Pei Wang, Shi Dai, Ryan S. Lynch, Jumei Yao, Jinchen Jiang, Jiarui Niu, Dejiang Zhou, Heng Xu, Chenchen Miao, Chenhui Niu, Lingqi Meng, Lei Qian, Chao-Wei Tsai, Bojun Wang, Mengyao Xue, Youling Yue, Mao Yuan, Songbo Zhang, Lei Zhang. … Read more

Big data-derived tool facilitates closer monitoring of recovery from natural disasters

Journal Reference: Cristian Podesta, Natalie Coleman, Amir Esmalian, Faxi Yuan, Ali Mostafavi. Quantifying community resilience based on fluctuations in visits to points-of-interest derived from digital trace data. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 2021; 18 (177): 20210158 DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2021.0158 “Neighboring communities can be impacted very differently after a natural catastrophic event,” said Dr. Ali Mostafavi, … Read more

Daily poll. PS is still ahead, but PSD is getting closer. Enough is 3rd force, CDU and IL tie and BE drops to sixth

Daily poll PS is still ahead but PSD is getting

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. In the final stretch of the electoral campaign, we make all the articles of the legislatures available free of charge. Support our mission by becoming a subscriber. Two days before the elections, the poll da Pitagórica for CNN Portugal and … Read more

From the inside: the intimacy of Juan Martín Del Potro, closer to the Argentina Open | The man from Tandil played his first points since the knee injury and showed great progress in practice

From the inside the intimacy of Juan Martin Del Potro

The news of Juan Martin Del Potro generates an expectation perhaps as great as never before. And the explanation has two looks: the long time he has been off the pitch and the possibility, ever closer to reality, of return to the circuit no less than in Buenos Aires. Never in his career was he … Read more

Mass production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAM™ on silicon wafers for the first time

Mass production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAM™ on silicon wafers for the first time – NovLink Home Mash H Mass production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAM™ on silicon wafers for the first time We want to give thanks to the writer of this post for this incredible web content … Read more

Battery ‘dream expertise’ a step closer to reality with new discovery

Journal Reference: Jiarui He, Amruth Bhargav, Woochul Shin, Arumugam Manthiram. Stable Dendrite-Free Sodium–Sulfur Batteries Enabled by a Localized High-Concentration Electrolyte. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2021; DOI: 10.1021/jacs.1c08851 Sodium and sulfur stand out as appealing materials for future battery production because they are cheaper and more widely available than materials such as lithium and … Read more