Industrial discharge is the dominant mercury source in Korea’s west coast

Journal Reference: Saebom Jung, Sae Yun Kwon, Mi-Ling Li, Runsheng Yin, Jaeseon Park. Elucidating sources of mercury in the west coast of Korea and the Chinese marginal seas using mercury stable isotopes. Science of The Total Environment, 2022; 814: 152598 DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.152598 In contrast to the Minamata disaster, it is often difficult to locate precisely … Read more

Torrential rain hits Sydney as flood warnings spread across Australia’s east coast – Reuters News in France and abroad

Torrential rain hits Sydney as flood warnings spread across Australias

Sydney in Australia was battered by torrential rains. People fled their homes after receiving up to 200mm of rain. Up to 80,000 people face evacuation orders. Flood warnings spread across Australia’s east coast on Tuesday and tens of thousands of Sydney residents fled their homes overnight as torrential rains hit much of the country again. … Read more

Kovid decreases; Kerala to the relief coast

Kovid decreases Kerala to the relief coast

Thiruvananthapuram: The raging third wave is also slowly receding. The relief comes from a sharp drop in the daily diagnosis rate and the number of patients. Health experts estimate that by the end of the second week of February, there will be less than 10,000 cases. Based on this, relaxations in restrictions were made. Experts … Read more

Kessie eliminates Bennacer, Ivory Coast hurricane on Algerian champions. Comoros in the second round

Kessie eliminates Bennacer Ivory Coast hurricane on Algerian champions Comoros

Franck best of the match in a 3-1 without history: Bennacer returns home. Now the Ivorians will deal with Salah’s Egypt. Equatorial Guinea company in Sierra Leone Boom, to the ground. The fall of the reigning champion Algeria makes a lot of noise, more than that of Ghana on Tuesday: the Ivory Coast wins the … Read more

Coast redwood and sequoia genome sequences completed

Journal Reference: David B Neale, Aleksey V Zimin, Sumaira Zaman, Alison D Scott, Bikash Shrestha, Rachael E Workman, Daniela Puiu, Brian J Allen, Zane J Moore, Manoj K Sekhwal, Amanda R De La Torre, Patrick E McGuire, Emily Burns, Winston Timp, Jill L Wegrzyn, Steven L Salzberg. Assembled and annotated 26.5 Gbp coast redwood genome: … Read more

Back-to-back hurricanes expected to increase in the Gulf Coast

Journal Reference: Dazhi Xi, Ning Lin. Sequential Landfall of Tropical Cyclones in the United States: From Historical Records to Climate Projections. Geophysical Research Letters, 2021; 48 (21) DOI: 10.1029/2021GL094826 As global climate changes, more tropical storms have been packed into a single hurricane season, which in the Gulf region typically runs from June through November. … Read more