Sacha Baron Cohen, her successful year

If a movie buff were asked about a comical and irreverent actor, many might quickly think of Sacha Baron Cohen, protagonist of the saga Borat. Perhaps some would be surprised to learn that this 49-year-old artist has equaled the Golden Globe record by being nominated in three different categories this year. His name has come … Read more

Sacha Baron Cohen and his cars: the most bare-bones garage in all of Hollywood

Family SUV (Sacha Baron Cohen has three sons) whose image is marked by elegant lines, accompanied by a clear differentiation from the exterior aesthetics of its predecessor. Larger and more spacious, its appearance has as clear protagonists the sharp look of the LED headlamps and the distinctive C-pillar, behind which the roof is extended to … Read more

‘Infamous’ Cinematography: Super 35mm and Extreme Closeups Crafted by DP Eve Cohen – Y.M.Cinema

The action crime thriller, Infamous, can be used as a case study for cinematographers, filmmakers, and storytellers, among other films that utilized beautiful extreme close-ups combined with dynamic shots in order to tell the story. Infamous was shot by DP Eve Cohen on the ARRI ALEXA Mini paired with Leitz SUMMILUX-C lenses. Here’re our cinematographic … Read more

Larry Cohen and William Lustig’s remarkable slasher trilogy that deserves a place of honor in the genre

William Lustig disappeared a few years after the premiere of ‘Vigilante’, a film that ended up raising just over 5 million dollars in North America, not bad for a film that surely cost much less. With renewed energy and a script and production by his colleague Larry Cohen, Lustig returned in 1988 with ‘Maniac Cop’, … Read more

Keep an eye on Emory Cohen, from ‘Brooklyn’ to ‘The OA’ and frustrated Han Solo candidate

He was one of the loudest candidates for the role of the young man Han Solo in the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off, before he dropped out of the race and Alden Ehrenreich took over the job. And it is one of the most promising young stars in Hollywood. Emory Cohen belongs to a generation of interpreters … Read more