US and Europe reignite Cold War ‘containment’ in clash with Russia – Reuters News in France and abroad

US and Europe reignite Cold War containment in clash with

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5 Cold War movies to watch as Russia-U.S. tensions grow amid invasion

5 Cold War movies to watch as Russia US tensions grow

Roughly thirty years after the Cold War ended, tensions between the U.S. and Russia are escalating after Moscow launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine more than a month ago.  In light of that, here are five movies about the Cold War that were made while it was ongoing and capture some of the spirit of that era — … Read more

Chemical found in leafy greens shown to slow growth of COVID-19 and common cold viruses

Journal Reference: Alvaro A. Ordonez, C. Korin Bullen, Andres F. Villabona-Rueda, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Mitchell L. Turner, Vanessa F. Merino, Yu Yan, John Kim, Stephanie L. Davis, Oliver Komm, Jonathan D. Powell, Franco R. D’Alessio, Robert H. Yolken, Sanjay K. Jain, Lorraine Jones-Brando. Sulforaphane exhibits antiviral activity against pandemic SARS-CoV-2 and seasonal HCoV-OC43 coronaviruses in … Read more

Anne Frank betrayal book withdrawn by publisher as historians discredit cold case inquest findings | Ents & Arts News – News 24 | News in France and abroad

Anne Frank betrayal book withdrawn by publisher as historians discredit

A cold case investigative book that claimed to have solved the question of who betrayed Jewish teenage columnist Anne Frank has been withdrawn by its Dutch publisher after being discredited by a group of historians. The findings of The Betrayal Of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation have been described as “a flimsy house of … Read more

Movies, Concerts and Sports Give Russia Cold Shoulder

Movies Concerts and Sports Give Russia Cold Shoulder

The entertainment industry is turning its back on Russia. Hollywood studios, Netflix Inc., big-ticket rock bands and sporting events are pausing or pulling their business out of Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. The moves are largely symbolic—Russia isn’t among the largest markets for either live entertainment or movies—but they … Read more

Plants as cold specialists from the ice age

Journal Reference: Eva M Wolf, Emmanuel Gaquerel, Mathias Scharmann, Levi Yant, Marcus A Koch. Evolutionary footprints of a cold relic in a rapidly warming world. eLife, 2021; 10 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.71572 “With the challenges of increasing global warming, developing a basic understanding of how plants adapted to severe environmental change is increasingly urgent,” stresses Prof. Koch, … Read more

Cold and high altitude, Casiraghi: “This is how Barmasse nourishes himself for his businesses”

Cold and high altitude Casiraghi This is how Barmasse nourishes

The nutritionist and triathlete talks about the alienation of the mountaineer in the most extreme feats: isotonic sport gel, freeze-dried food and recovery drink Luca Castaldini December 31st – Milano When in 2017 Hervè Barmasse climbed his first 8000m peak (the Shisha Pangma) in the record time of 13 hours, on his return he explained … Read more