Is it a good idea not to continue with Fantastic Animals? – Spoiler Time

A few weeks ago it was made public in various media that the possible closure of the prequel saga of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Fantastic Animals), would come with the third installment. The news surprised fans because they expected, or expect, the 5 deliveries of David yates, who entered the … Read more

Ride Wait Times Fall as Disney World Crowds Continue to Dwindle

In recent weeks, crowds at Walt Disney World Resort have been remarkably low — great news for Guests who want to enjoy their vacations with low ride wait times and generally sparse Parks. The trend is seemingly continuing today, as WDW Stats on Twitter has noted that the highest wait time at Disney World is … Read more

Star Trek: Zachary Quinto wants to continue being Spock in future sequels

Zachary Quinto is open to return as Spock in future movies of Star Trek. The character, who was born together with Leonard Nimoy, was also present the versions of J.J. Abrams, which restarted the cinematic saga and generated an alternate timeline in which Fifth played the intelligent and rational Vulcan. Now that Paramount Pictures is … Read more

‘Alita: Battle Angel 2’ Plot, Spoilers: 4 Ways Alita’s Story Would Be The One To Continue Based On The Series Manga

The fate of “Alita: Battle Angel 2” may be in limbo now, but the possible script for the sequel isn’t too hard to imagine. Fans of the live-action cyberpunk adaptation could check out the events following Hugo (Keean Johnson) death and see what Alita (Rosa Salazar) might do next. Wings mourning the death of Hugo … Read more