How equal charges in enzymes control biochemical reactions

Journal Reference: Sören Rindfleisch, Matthias Krull, Jon Uranga, Tobias Schmidt, Fabian Rabe von Pappenheim, Laura Liliana Kirck, Angeliki Balouri, Thomas Schneider, Ashwin Chari, Ronald Kluger, Gleb Bourenkov, Ulf Diederichsen, Ricardo A. Mata, Kai Tittmann. Ground-state destabilization by electrostatic repulsion is not a driving force in orotidine-5′-monophosphate decarboxylase catalysis. Nature Catalysis, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41929-022-00771-w The team … Read more

Study reveals set of brain regions that control complex sequences of movement

Journal Reference: Duo Xu, Mingyuan Dong, Yuxi Chen, Angel M. Delgado, Natasha C. Hughes, Linghua Zhang, Daniel H. O’Connor. Cortical processing of flexible and context-dependent sensorimotor sequences. Nature, 2022; 603 (7901): 464 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04478-7 The research, they say, could one day help scientists find ways to target those regions in people and restore motor function … Read more

Scientists find ‘knob’ to control magnetic behavior in quantum material

Journal Reference: Hari Padmanabhan, Maxwell Poore, Peter K. Kim, Nathan Z. Koocher, Vladimir A. Stoica, Danilo Puggioni, Huaiyu (Hugo) Wang, Xiaozhe Shen, Alexander H. Reid, Mingqiang Gu, Maxwell Wetherington, Seng Huat Lee, Richard D. Schaller, Zhiqiang Mao, Aaron M. Lindenberg, Xijie Wang, James M. Rondinelli, Richard D. Averitt, Venkatraman Gopalan. Interlayer magnetophononic coupling in MnBi2Te4. … Read more

Max Payne Remake: Remedy’s action video game benchmark (Control, Alan Wake) rises from the ashes

Max Payne Remake Remedys action video game benchmark Control Alan

Game News Max Payne Remake: Remedy’s action video game benchmark (Control, Alan Wake) rises from the ashes Published on 07/04/2022 at 18:30 It will have taken ten years to be talked about again, but it is there. It’s normal after all, it’s known to move in slow motion: it’s Max Payne, Remedy’s famous third-person action … Read more

Researchers identify neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy

Journal Reference: Haddad-Tóvolli, R.; Ramírez, S.; Muñoz-Moreno, E.; Milà-Guasch, M.; Miquel-Rio, L.; Pozo, M.; Chivite, I.; Altirriba, J.; Obri, A.; Gómez-Valadés, A.; Toledo, M.; Eyre, E.; Bortolozzi, A.; Valjent, E.; Soria, G.; Claret, M. Food craving-like episodes during pregnancy are mediated by accumbal dopaminergic circuits. Nature Metabolism, 2022 DOI: 10.1038/s42255-022-00557-1 “There are many myths and … Read more

Appetite genes control how children grow

Journal Reference: Øyvind Helgeland, Marc Vaudel, Pol Sole-Navais, Christopher Flatley, Julius Juodakis, Jonas Bacelis, Ingvild L. Koløen, Gun Peggy Knudsen, Bente B. Johansson, Per Magnus, Ted Reichborn Kjennerud, Petur B. Juliusson, Camilla Stoltenberg, Oddgeir L. Holmen, Ole A. Andreassen, Bo Jacobsson, Pål R. Njølstad, Stefan Johansson. Characterization of the genetic architecture of infant and early … Read more

Researchers control brain circuits from a distance using infrared light

Journal Reference: Xiang Wu, Yuyan Jiang, Nicholas J. Rommelfanger, Fan Yang, Qi Zhou, Rongkang Yin, Junlang Liu, Sa Cai, Wei Ren, Andrew Shin, Kyrstyn S. Ong, Kanyi Pu, Guosong Hong. Tether-free photothermal deep-brain stimulation in freely behaving mice via wide-field illumination in the near-infrared-II window. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41551-022-00862-w For more than a … Read more

Twisted vibrations enable quality control for chiral drugs and supplements

Journal Reference: Choi, W.J., Yano, K., Cha, M. et al. Chiral phonons in microcrystals and nanofibrils of biomolecules. Nat. Photon, 2022 DOI: 10.1038/s41566-022-00969-1 The researchers hope that the technique could also help diagnose harmful accumulations of twisted molecules in the body, including bladder stones, insulin fibrils and amyloid aggregations such as the plaques that appear … Read more

Intensity control of projectors in parallel: A doorway to an augmented reality future

Journal Reference: Takashi Nomoto, Wanlong Li, Hao-Lun Peng, Yoshihiro Watanabe. Dynamic Multi-projection Mapping Based on Parallel Intensity Control. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2022; 1 DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2022.3150488 Technological advancements continue to redesign the way we interact with digital media, the world around us, and each other. Augmented reality (AR), which uses technology to … Read more

Astrocyte networks in the mouse brain control spatial learning and memory

Journal Reference: Ladina Hösli, Noemi Binini, Kim David Ferrari, Laetitia Thieren et. al. Decoupling astrocytes in adult mice impairs synaptic plasticity and spatial learning. Cell Reports, March 8, 2022 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.110484 Switching off astrocyte coupling disrupts spatial memory formation A team of neuroscientists led by Aiman Saab and Bruno Weber at the Institute of Pharmacology … Read more