Netflix responds to controversies in the streaming world!

During a press conference, the CEO of Netflix spoke about the various controversies surrounding the world of streaming. Ted Sarandos -co CEO of Netflix– participated in a conference of Code where he responded to the various controversies surrounding the world of streaming, the first one: the transparency of their data, before which he mentioned that … Read more

Gina Carano, James Gunn and other celebrities fired over controversies

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney Recently, the firing of Gina Carano from Disney was announced for controversial comments on social media. The actress was left out of The Mandalorian and future projects of the space franchise; However, he is not the only celebrity who was fired from a series or movie after some controversy. … Read more

9 Controversies Megan Fox is experiencing because of her new boyfriend “Machine Gun Kelly”

Megan Fox has stayed somewhat removed from the big screens following her incredible success in the Transformers movies. Recently, he gave something to talk about on the red carpet of the MTV Awards, and for that reason we bring you a bit of the gossip:Advertisements Megan filed for divorce from actor Brian Austin, after 10 … Read more

Marvel’s biggest recent controversies

All major entertainment companies have had to deal with controversy and, of course, Marvel has been no exception. The comics company, now transformed into a giant of both comic and audiovisual entertainment, is in the crosshairs of everything and everyone. And that puts a target on his chest. Any compromised decision has sparked immediate controversy, … Read more