Still controversy over Boris Johnson, another party comes up in Downing Street during the lockdown

Still controversy over Boris Johnson another party comes up in

Johnson insisted the rules would not be “technically violated,” but acknowledged the country’s anger. E the May holiday is only the latest of the violations to Covid-19 restrictions of which the Johnson administration has been accused. In recent days, another controversy had erupted over a Christmas party. Complicating the premier’s position is the fact that … Read more

Mess protocol: the controversy mounts for the rules wanted by the League

Mess protocol the controversy mounts for the rules wanted by

In the last round of A too many anomalies. Cairo: “What I saw is not reasonable”. And there is the draft for the sport-government meeting Elisabetta Esposito January 11 – ROMA And so, this afternoon, this second day of return will end. Despite it all. A day that initially provided for postponements and then, between … Read more

Days Gone controversy: “sold more than Ghost of Tsushima, but Sony …”

Days Gone controversy sold more than Ghost of Tsushima but

The director of Days Gone with a straight leg on the celebrations for the 8 million of Ghost of Tsushima, recalling the treatment received by Bend Studio. In a tweet, the director of Days Gone Jeff Ross has argued with the recent Ghost of Tsushima sales celebration. On the occasion of CES 2022, where PlayStation … Read more