These are the 10 Lexus created for the Marvel movie ‘Eternals’

The next November 5 One of the films called to revolutionize the world box office opens in theaters as Marvel Studios is back with ‘Eternals’. For this new adventure the famous film company has decided to partner again with Lexus, who will be the exclusive automotive partner for this tape. One of the great protagonists … Read more

“In the Heights,” the Most Challenging Musical Ever Created to Hit Theaters

The most challenging musical ever recorded is approaching theaters. We refer to “In The Heights”, a great cinematographic work conceived by the genius, actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for his work on “Moana,” “The Return of Mary Poppins,” the recent “Star Wars” trilogy, and the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” He with his partner, the writer … Read more

Best Characters Created For the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The majority of characters appearing across the Marvel Cinematic Universe are also ones who originated in the domain of Marvel Comics. That makes sense given that the comics been published since the 1940s, there’s a treasure trove of fictitious individuals to draw from when you need heroes, villains, mentors, comic relief sidekicks, or anything in … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ Fans Once Created a Fake Rose Ceremony Using Characters From ‘The Avengers’ and the Results Were Hilarious – nonenglishfeed

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War shattered what Hollywood thought blockbusters needed to succeed. The ending tore the hearts of fans in half as their favorite characters turned to dust and ended on a tragic note. People needed a pick me up. One fan took matters into their own hands and created a Bachelor and Avengers mashup … Read more

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, the post-apocalyptic world created by George Miller

With six Oscars, Mad Max: Fury Road was the most awarded film of the 88th most important film ceremony, instance to which he had arrived with 10 nominations. The fourth installment of the saga Mad Max, released in 2015, presents the usual post-apocalyptic life created by George Miller and that he has developed in all … Read more

Alone with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the actor who created Mr. Corman in his image and likeness

Life is not all the time rosy and Mr. Corman knows it well. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 days with her, Inception and The Chicago 7 trial), the new series of Apple TV+ takes us in an emotional journey through the mind of Josh Corman. Hopefully, and if he had made better decisions, Josh Corman I … Read more

A Tribute to Dreamworks: The Rise of the Animation Company that Created ‘Shrek’, ‘Shark Tale’, and ‘The Croods’

Photo/Video: DreamWorks/Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel You may recognize DreamWorks Animation as the studio that brought us iconic animated classics such as ‘Shrek’, ‘Shark Tale’, and ‘The Prince of Egypt’. In addition to their impressive filmography of feature-length animated films, DreamWorks has also produced numerous animated television shows, short films, and even video games. But, how … Read more

How Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy’ Created a Fantasy World Around A Video Game

Hollywood’s main concern is jumping on trends first, regardless if they understand why it’s popular. Unfortunately, this ends up shooting themselves in the foot most times, especially with video game adaptations. Considered box-office poison, Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy blew that idea away. Appealing to both moviegoers and gamers, Free Guy’s philosophy seems to have finally … Read more

Unknown artists who have created some of your favorite songs | LOS40 Classic

As each June 21, we celebrate the Music’s day with the emotion of being able to thank our favorite artists for what they have done for us. Not always literally, of course, but some of his songs have accompanied us in the most important and memorable moments of our lives. Whether it’s imitating a guitar … Read more

The 5 best brands created by celebrities that will surprise you

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