Michael K Williams dead: Idris Elba mourns The Wire co-star’s death

Idris Elba shared a simple post as he mourned the loss of his former co-star Michael K. Williams (Picture: Getty/HBO) Idris Elba | has joined the stars of The Wire in mourning the death of Michael K. Williams at the age of 54. The British actor, who played business-savvy Stringer Bell in the acclaimed drama … Read more

Glenn. Abraham. Lori. Shane. ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ creator talks about familiar faces returning to franchise

It is one of the ‘spin-off’ of the franchise that will see the light after the outcome of the original series in its eleventh season. Just finished the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the first half of the sixth of Fear The Walking Dead, we will have no more zombie franchise … Read more

The Walking Dead: All the characters that have made it to the last season (and when they joined)

One of the most important series on television, The Walking Dead, is in its final season. As a series that has no qualms about killing its main characters, it’s worth taking note of the characters that have survived through Season 11. While some characters like Rick and Michonne are probably alive but not confirmed for … Read more

Helena Bonham Carter Said Tim Burton Decorated His Christmas Tree With “Dead Babies” – nonenglishfeed

Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter Who: Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter, 55, and Oscar-nominated director Tim Burton, 63. How They Met: Burton sought out Bonham Carter to star in his 2001 Planet of the Apes remake. Ever the charmer, the director called … Read more

Here the before and after of the protagonists of ‘The Walking Dead’

The history of the entertainment industry would not be understood in the same way without The Walking Dead. It seems like yesterday when the series based on the comics of Robert Kirkman towards its appearance on the small screen, but the truth is that more than a decade has passed since its premiere, recorded on … Read more

New on Amazon Prime this week: ‘BellBottom,’ ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ and more

Akshay Kumar’s espionage thriller and Angelina Jolie’s thriller-drama with Taylor Sheridan are the highlights on the platform this week This week on Amazon Prime comes espionage thriller BellBottom, set in the 1980s,which follows the story of a star agent. Inspired by true events, after a series of airplane hijacks, he is entrusted to neutralize the … Read more

How Danai Gurira had to leave Michonne and ‘the Walking Dead’ behind to fulfill her life’s dream

The actress will stop playing the charismatic character in the current tenth season of the series but, after knowing her motivations, you will be looking forward to it. AMC Yes, the second half of the tenth season of The Walking Dead will tackle the war against the Whisperers and promises to be really intense, but … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: Have we been presented with the same Daryl story for years? – Series news

‘The Walking Dead’ is currently airing its eleventh season, but the new story of Daryl seems too familiar, could it be that it has already been explored in the arc of these characters? Wait a minute! How do the scriptwriters of The Walking Dead have we been presented with the same story four times? The … Read more

Star + will arrive in Mexico with season 32 of ‘The Simpsons’ and the first episode of the final season of ‘The Walking Dead’

Star + will arrive on August 31 to Mexico with all the “adult” content from Disney and sports events from ESPN. One of its great attractions is that it will be the new house of ‘The Simpsons’ with the premiere of season 32 that will have the return of classic voices.

We will tell you some of the outstanding content that Star + will have at launch, remembering that Mercado Libre has already released its promotions, offering the service free to level six users:

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