Emilia Clarke survived two deadly brain hemorrhages early in her career

HBO Daenerys Targaryen established herself as one of the most powerful women on television. For eight seasons, Emilia Clarke was responsible for embodying the legendary Mother of Dragons. However, in the early years of Game of ThronesClarke was about to say goodbye not only to this legendary character, but also to her own life. HBO … Read more

A Deadly Dive Into the Rationale Behind Horror’s Iconic Weapons

Horror villains are an essential part of the genre for obvious reasons. Stories of sheer terror, gore, spooky happenings, and/or psychological distress cannot exist without a frightening antagonist. But, in order to slice, dice, maim, and murder, scary foes must have something at their disposal. Horror movie weapons are just as famous, if not more, … Read more

The Card Counter Posters and Clips Tease a Deadly Game of Poker

Paul Schrader’s newest film, The Card Counter, has released a new set of clips as well as character posters and wow, do we want these on a set of playing cards. The new posters feature the film’s three leads, played by Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, and Tye sheridan, respectively, promoting the tense, Martin Scorsese-produced thriller … Read more

an intense post-apocalyptic thriller from Netflix that explores the deadly consequences of not being able to sleep

There are many films that have addressed the accelerated fall of civilization when an incident puts the survival of humanity at risk. However, the usual thing is that there is some kind of threat to be defeated in order to reach a happy ending, but in the case of ‘Disomnia’, the new original film by … Read more

In Escape Room 2 the clock ticks again in new deadly challenges that fill us with excitement, but … – Spoiler Time

Today premieres Escape Room 2 (Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal), sequel to the hit horror thriller of the 2019 in which a group of young people faced a series of riddles in complicated puzzles where their lives were at stake. Directed again by Adam Robitel, the tape has been well received by audiences around the … Read more

Bears, Sharks, Snakes Top List of the Most Deadly Animals in North America

Nature can be a very scary place, whether on land or underwater. With animals such as the Great White Shark in Jaws, the Giant Crocodile in the Front Crawl, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s fierce battle with the bear in The Revenant, the film probably brought more horror than necessary. But that doesn’t mean that attacks from … Read more

Star of Movie About Deadly 2015 Copenhagen Islamic Attacks Says Film Focuses on Being ‘Truthful and Sensitive’

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Photo: Wikimedia/Suzi-Pratt.com. The lead actor of a Danish docudrama that focuses on the days leading up to the 2015 Islamic terror attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark spoke about his connection to the events and the filming process in a recent interview. “Powder Keg” is around four people affected by the deadly Copenhagen shootings, including … Read more

An agonizing and deadly minute: the ‘impossible’ accident that killed Anton Yelchin | Famous

The afternoon of June 19, 2016, the actor Anton Yelchin he had a date with his friends to rehearse. He got into his truck and started to leave his property, a house in Studio City, in Los Angeles County. It never made it to the road. For reasons that still remain an enigma, the interpreter … Read more