Venom 2 and the Release Date Dilemma

When is the right time to release a movie? It’s a question that executives have always confronted, trying to win counterprogramming battles with rival studios and dodging huge blockbusters. Over the course of the last year-and-a-half, however, it’s become a question riddled with tricky asterisks. Is now a good time to release a movie or … Read more

This documentary will make you understand the impact of social networks today – The Social Dilemma – Spoiler Time

The Social Dilemma It came at the perfect time to try to explain why we are where we are, how we are doing it and at what cost. The documentary delves into a society that is driven by everything we see on social media and how it got to the point of facing an existential … Read more

The ‘fattening suits’ dilemma in the movies: Jared Leto and Sarah Paulson fuel the debate | fashion

Many went through the same process when they saw the commented trailer of House of Gucci early summer. There was Lady Gaga, making her now famous sign of the cross (Gif meat), and there was also Adam Driver, with his industrial look from the North of Italy in the eighties. The film’s stars parade through … Read more