The smartphone market has a clear and distinct leader, and we know why

The smartphone market has a clear and distinct leader and

News hardware The smartphone market has a clear and distinct leader, and we know why Published on 04/21/2022 at 07:05 In these turbulent times for the tech world, it has never been so exciting to follow the evolution of the smartphone market. The competition is extremely tough, but one leader stands out: Samsung. We tell … Read more

A key brain region for substance use disorders now has a searchable atlas of distinct cell populations

Journal Reference: Robert A. Phillips, Jennifer J. Tuscher, Samantha L. Black, Emma Andraka, N. Dalton Fitzgerald, Lara Ianov, Jeremy J. Day. An atlas of transcriptionally defined cell populations in the rat ventral tegmental area. Cell Reports, 2022; 39 (1): 110616 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.110616 The VTA is important for its role in the dopamine neurotransmission involved in … Read more

Tyrannosaurus remains hint at three possible distinct species

Journal Reference: Gregory S. Paul, W. Scott Persons, Jay Van Raalte. The Tyrant Lizard King, Queen and Emperor: Multiple Lines of Morphological and Stratigraphic Evidence Support Subtle Evolution and Probable Speciation Within the North American Genus Tyrannosaurus. Evolutionary Biology, 2022; DOI: 10.1007/s11692-022-09561-5 Tyrannosaurus rex is the only recognised species of the group of dinosaurs, or … Read more

Bologna-Inter, it is a “distinct” yellow: risk of ko at table for the rossoblù?

Bologna Inter it is a distinct yellow risk of ko at

The Emilians, blocked by the ASL, present the document, which is seen by the referee. Now the ball goes to the sports judge It could be the excellent title of a book: “The yellow of the bill”. Yes, because the bans imposed by the ASL are not enough, the team lined up on the field … Read more