The BBC investigation: doubts about Djokovic’s positive test, code and date anomalies

The BBC investigation doubts about Djokovics positive test code and

The serial number of the positive test is subsequent to that of healing: both the comparison with other tests of the same laboratories and the conclusions on the system of attribution of codes confirm that this should not be the case. The hypothesis is that the positivity was found after Christmas and then backdated to … Read more

Australian Open | A positive coronavirus test? Djokovic’s family quickly ended the press conference –

Australian Open A positive coronavirus test Djokovics family quickly

The youngest brother of Serbian tennis star Djordje Djokovic said that truth and justice had won. Dijan’s mother immediately added that he considered the court verdict to be Novak’s biggest victory in his career. “Novak was up against the system and the government. He came to win the tournament. He was never in such a … Read more

JAN KUKAL’S WOMEN: I don’t see Djokovic’s chances in court very well. In Australia, there are similar populists as in our country –

JAN KUKALS WOMEN I dont see Djokovics chances in court

“I was surprised that there were so few exceptions to the compulsory vaccination of Australian Open participants. This shocked me. There are over 300 tennis players in the grand slam, including all the qualifiers, and they have all been vaccinated. Djokovic had plenty of opportunities to get vaccinated. But he is one of the best … Read more