F1, Domenicali on Hamilton: “He will return with even more desire to win the 8th title”

F1 Domenicali on Hamilton He will return with even more

The F1 CEO, awarded the Bandini Prize ex aequo with Massimo Rivola, between the outcome of the world championship and the future of the Circus: “After having detached Lewis, he will have even more energy, 2022 will mark an important turning point for Formula 1 and budget cap will help those who are late ” … Read more

Animalists against Liberty: dead dog dummy sent to Domenicali

Animalists against Liberty dead dog dummy sent to Domenicali

The protest of the Peta association against the company that controls F1, sponsor of the Iditarod, a dog race that takes place every in Alaska: “Special gift for Domenicali, it’s just a dummy but in that race the animals really die” What the Formula 1 World Championship and the Iditarod have in common, the famous … Read more