Covid Italia, news: green pass for shops, today the signing of the Dpcm for foodstuffs, newsstands and pharmacies. Iss: weekly Rt drops, growth slows down

The latest news and updates on Covid in Italy and in the world today Friday 21 January 2022. Iss: the weekly Rt drops from 1.56 to 1.31; growth slows down. In today’s infection bulletin there are 13,049 cases in Tuscany, 482 in Molise. Waiting for the signing of the new Dpcm which identifies the essential … Read more

Covid, Dpcm Taekwondo, Treviso: “We will meet with sedentary children”

Covid Dpcm Taekwondo Treviso We will meet with sedentary children

The latest decree of the Conte government to stem the contagion from Covid-19 has once again put contact sports to a severe test: the former European bronze medalist, Claudio Treviso, is the spokesperson for the problems related to taekwondo Taekwondo was one of the first contact sports to restart, thanks to the great work of … Read more